Constantly Updated, Forever Ready.

No one works in broadcasting without having that one day when nothing is ready. That’s what we are here for.

This started as a list we compiled for ourselves, and decided to share with you. (Aren’t we grand?) This site is free, cause we don’t feel like setting up any kind of payment system (Read: Lazy), and yet…  we survive on junk food. (Here it comes…) Every time we have to pay for the domain, it takes away from our daily intake of fat and salt. (Just lay it on me, already!) If you feel compelled, toss us something here {CLICK}. (We will say the meal’s blessing in your name!)

Thanks! And feel free to tell us exactly where we went wrong in the contacts, so we will have something to read on nights when we can’t sleep while worrying if you like us.

Oh! And have a great show!